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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Perkins School of Theology: Fellowships, Awards and Prizes

Dr. John H. Hicks Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Hicks Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. John Hicks, former Old Testament professor at Perkins School of Theology. The scholarship is offered to students engaged in Old Testament or archaeological research and is especially designed to provide travel to the Bible lands to aid in that research. The scholarship is open to any qualified student enrolled in any degree program in Perkins.

The deadline for applications is December 15 or six months prior to the beginning of the project, whichever comes first. Inquiries should be addressed to any member of the biblical faculty or the associate dean for academic affairs.

John Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund

In 1946, the late Bishop John M. Moore established a fellowship fund, the income from which was to be used to give aid for postgraduate work in theology to United Methodist graduates of the theological schools of the United Methodist Church, with preference given to graduates of Perkins.

The fellowship is for one year. The committee and the directorate base their judgments on academic accomplishments, promise of teaching and research ability, and Christian character. Those seniors and recent graduates who wish to be considered must submit their application by February 15 to the associate dean for academic affairs at Perkins School of Theology.

B’nai B’rith Award in Social Ethics

In the spring of 1953, the Harold M. Kaufman Memorial Foundation of the George Levy Lodge of B’nai B’rith, the oldest Jewish service organization, established an annual prize in social ethics for Perkins students. Winners are to be determined under the supervision of the Committee on Student Development on the basis of scholarly competence in the field and personal commitment as shown in voluntary activity in support of worthy social causes. The establishment of the awards by the George Levy Lodge of Dallas, led by Dr. Herman Kantor, Mrs. Harold Kaufman and Stanley Kaufman, is only one in a series of generous acts on the part of the Jewish community for Perkins School of Theology.

Dr. and Mrs. J.P. Bray Award

Endowed by the estate of Charles Kiely Hegarty, II, in honor of the Brays, this award is made to the student who ranks highest in Hebrew scholarship.

W.B. DeJernett Award in Homiletics

Endowed by the estate of Dr. W.B. DeJernett of Commerce, Texas, the award is given to a senior theological student, based on the student’s scholastic record and ability in the field of homiletics.

Charles T. and Jessie James Bible Awards

Awards are given each year to students on the basis of their grades in biblical courses and on papers assigned, together with their general scholastic record. These awards are provided from an endowment established in 1949 by Mr. and Mrs. C.T. James of Ferris, Texas.

Jerry W. Hobbs Award in Worship

The Jerry W. Hobbs Award in Worship is awarded to the graduating student who has demonstrated academic excellence in worship combined with personal commitment to the worship life of the Perkins community during her or his time at Perkins.

Paul Quillian Award

In 1945, Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Quillian created the fund to be awarded to the senior student in homiletics presenting the best-written sermon.

William K. McElvaney Preaching Award

Established by Reverend and Mrs. William K. McElvaney, the award is given to the student who has presented the best-written sermon on a public issue, which includes a social crisis, a controversial issue or a chronic social problem.

Charles Claude Selecman Award in New Testament Greek

A prize is awarded annually in memory of Bishop Charles C. Selecman to the student who ranks highest in New Testament Greek scholarship. This award is made only when, in the judgment of the professor, the class is large enough to evince a competitive interest.

Albert C. Outler Award

Established by Robert A. and Barbara Field West, in honor of Professor Outler, this award is given to the student contributing the most outstanding essay in theology during the academic year.

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Flinn Award

The award was established by Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Flinn in 1959 to honor that member of the graduating class each year who, in the judgment of the faculty, best exemplifies the aims and aspirations of the school and the church for its ministry. The recipient will be one who gives promise of possessing, in unusual measure, the gifts and graces of the Christian minister. The student should possess well-rounded interests and be serious in the stewardship of talents and deeply committed to his or her calling.

Karis Stahl Fadely Memorial Fund

This award was established by the family and friends of Karis Stahl Fadely, alumna of Perkins, who died in Liberia in April 1978 while serving as a minister of the Gospel. The award is made to students who exhibited qualities that were exemplified by Karis Fadely: commitment to Jesus Christ and the mission of her or his church, ability in a wide range of ministerial functions, a high sense of responsibility and good management of time. Preference is given to students who have served in international or intercultural internships.

Elsa Cook Award

The award was established in 1967 by students and friends to honor Elsa Cook when she retired from the Perkins staff. The recipient is chosen by the members of the senior class and is awarded each year at the annual spring banquet.

Master of Sacred Music Alumni Scholarship Fund

The scholarship is awarded to the graduating M.S.M. student who has maintained a high honors level in music studies and performance and who has contributed to the community life of Perkins School of Theology.

W.B.J. Martin Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established by the First Community Church of Dallas, this award is given each year in recognition of the outstanding student in the introductory preaching classes.

Roger Deschner Prize in Sacred Music Fund

Established by friends and family in memory of Roger Deschner, longtime professor of sacred music at Perkins, the prize is to be awarded to an M.S.M. student who, at the end of his or her first year of study, has excelled in academic work, musical ability and overall achievement in the Sacred Music program.

Robert Weatherford Prize for Internship Preaching Endowment Fund

Established to provide an award to a theology student for excellence in preaching during internship, the prize is given to a recipient chosen by the intern faculty of Perkins School of Theology and a representative from the preaching faculty.

Bert Affleck Award

The Bert Affleck Award is given to a student for creativity in ministry during internship.

Philip Schaff Prize in Church History

Established by Professor Emeritus of Church History Klaus Penzel, this annual award is given to benefit a student who has demonstrated excellence in the historical study of Christianity, while participating in courses in church history. It is named for the founder of the American Society of Church History.

Jane Marshall Student Support Fund in Worship and Music

Funded by a gift from Jane and Elbert Marshall, this award provides research and study support for third-year M.Div. students selected by the dean of Perkins School of Theology who have demonstrated excellence in the study of worship and music.