May 30, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SMU Guildhall: Faculty and Staff

SMU Guildhall

Guildhall Administration

Gary Brubaker, Director, SMU Guildhall

Elizabeth Stringer, Director, Academics, SMU Guildhall

Rene Archambault, Deputy Director, Admissions & Marketing, SMU Guildhall

Corey Clark, Deputy Director, Research, SMU Guildhall

Stephen Stringer, Deputy Director, GameLab, SMU Guildhall

Guildhall Faculty

Gary Brubaker, Director SMU Guildhall, M.B.A., SMU

Matthew Butler, Professor of Practice, M.S.C.S., University of Texas at Dallas

Jeffrey Cavitt, Associate Professor of Practice

Corey Clark, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Texas (Arlington)

Squirrel Eiserloh, Professor of Practice

Boris Fisher, Professor of Practice

Joowon Kim, Lecturer, M.I.T., SMU

Mark Leon, Associate Professor of Practice

Myque Ouellette, Clinical Professor, M.S., SMU

Michael Porter, Professor of Practice, M.F.A., Whitecliffe College of Art & Design

Martin Sawkins, Professor of Practice

Douglas Service, Professor of Practice

Jon Skinner, Assistant Professor of Practice

Christopher “Brandon” Stephens, Assistant Professor of Practice

Elizabeth Stringer, Clinical Professor, M.Ed., SMU

Stephen Stringer, Professor of Practice, M.B.A., Utah

Guildhall Adjunct Faculty

Note: Adjunct faculty listings are advisory only. In any given term, a particular adjunct may not be able to teach because of other commitments. This is especially true because many of SMU’s adjuncts are professionals and scholars who are in high demand.

Ken Harward, Owner/Programmer, TrueThought LLC

Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing, Valve Corporation

Juan Martinez, Animator, Playful Corp

Adam May, Art Director, Gearbox Software

Stephanie Puri, User Research Manager, id Software

Garrett Young, CEO/Co-Founder, Better2gether