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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Sciences

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Professor William Orr, Department Chair

Professors: Santosh R. D’Mello, Richard Jones, Paul Ludden, William Orr, Steven Vik, Pia Vogel
Associate Professors: Robert Harrod, John Wise
Assistant Professor: Adam Norris
Professor of Practice: Bianca Batista
Senior Lecturers: Eva Oberdörster, Teresa Strecker
Research Associate Professor: Svetlana Radyuk

Departmental Distinction

A biological sciences major with sufficiently high academic standing may graduate with departmental distinction by successfully completing a special program of study that includes advanced coursework, research and a senior thesis under the direction of a member of the departmental faculty. To graduate with departmental distinction, a student must be working toward a B.S. degree and must submit an application to the Undergraduate Studies Committee of the department. At the time of the application, the student must have begun a research project with a departmental faculty member, and must have completed at least 14 hours of biological sciences, including at least six advanced hours, with a GPA in these courses of at least 3.500 and an overall GPA of at least 3.500. For students who have transferred to SMU, two grade point averages will be calculated: one for all work attempted and one for work completed through enrollment at SMU. Admission to the program will be based on the lower of the two averages. With departmental approval, the student will enroll for BIOL 4398 , and continue to work on the distinction research project. Upon completion of this course with a grade of B+ or better, the student has the option to enroll in BIOL 4399  (pass/fail). On the basis of this research project, an oral presentation will be made to the faculty, and a senior thesis or review article will be written. In addition, three 4000- or 5000-level courses must be completed: one from BIOL 4319 , BIOL 4325 , BIOL 4331 , BIOL 4370 , BIOL 4460  and at least two from BIOL 5304 , BIOL 5305 , BIOL 5310 , BIOL 5311 , BIOL 5312 , BIOL 5325 , BIOL 5340 . Completion of these requirements and maintenance of a 3.500 GPA for all biological sciences courses attempted will determine if the B.S. degree will be awarded with departmental distinction.




      Biological Sciences

      Courses for Nonscience Majors. BIOL 1303 , BIOL 1305 , BIOL 1308  and BIOL 1310  are designed to satisfy the University-wide requirements of nonscience students. BIOL 1303  is not open to students who have earned prior credit in BIOL 1301 , and BIOL 1305 , BIOL 1308 , BIOL 1310  are not open to students who have earned prior credit in BIOL 1302 . Non-science majors should note that BIOL 1301 , BIOL 1302  may also be taken to satisfy University-wide requirements.

      Courses for Biology Majors. Students who wish to earn the B.A. or B.S. degree in biology are encouraged to complete BIOL 1301 /BIOL 1101 , BIOL 1302 /BIOL 1102  and CHEM 1303 , CHEM 1304  (with labs) in their freshman year. However, with the approval of an academic adviser, a student may postpone BIOL 1301 , BIOL 1302 , for one or two terms. The introductory biology courses are the minimum prerequisite for all advanced biology courses. The general chemistry courses are a prerequisite for most advanced biology courses.

      Special Courses. BIOL 2101 , BIOL 2102 , BIOL 3395 , BIOL 3398 , BIOL 3399 , BIOL 4398  BIOL 4399  are research courses. BIOL 1305 , BIOL 1308 , BIOL 1310 , BIOL 3343 , BIOL 3347 , BIOL 3354 , BIOL 5358  and BIOL 5359  are SMU-in-Taos courses.

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