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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Policy and Leadership


Clinical Professor Dawson Orr, Department Chair

Professors: Frank Hernandez, Leanne Ketterlin Geller, Akihito Kamata
Associate Professor: Michael Harris
Assistant Professors: Dominique Baker, Sondra Barringer, Dan Berebitsky, Denisa Gandara, Alexandra Pavlakis, Meredith Richards
Clinical Professor: Dawson Orr
Clinical Associate Professors: Watt Lesley Black, Jr., Roxanne Burleson, S. Kiersten Ferguson, Rosemary Perlmeter, Ashley Tull
Clinical Assistant Professors: Milan Sevak
Research Assistant Professor: Chalie Patarapichayatham

Department Information

The Department of Education Policy and Leadership cultivates and supports leaders and researchers who seek to improve educational outcomes and the cultures of learning in schools, colleges and educational systems through leadership development, scholarship and service.

Coursework and systematic applications of knowledge are designed to ensure that the education leaders of tomorrow acquire expertise in developing and supporting effective teachers and other education service providers; selecting and implementing effective curricula and instructional programs; and identifying, implementing and sustaining effective organizational practices to ensure high levels of student learning and achievement. In service to this mission, the department offers an M.Ed. with a major in educational leadership and an Ed.D. with a specialization in educational leadership. The M.Ed. in educational leadership includes three specializations: accelerated school leadership, urban school leadership and higher education. The Ed.D. is available with a focus on either higher education or pre-K to grade 12 leadership. The department is also dedicated to the preparation and continued education of education policy leaders. The department seeks to improve the quality and rigor of education policy research and education policy development and analysis, and to encourage and facilitate the translation of research into policy and practice at local, state, national and international levels.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education. The Ph.D. in education is a schoolwide degree. For more information on this degree, students should see the description of the Ph.D. program in this catalog or online at www.smu.edu/EducationPhD.

Contact Information

Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750114
Dallas TX 75275-0114
Phone: 214-768-3354
Fax: 214-768-4313
Email: edleader@smu.edu




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