Aug 19, 2022  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Professor Elfi Kraka, Department Chair

Professors: John Buynak, Werner Horsthemke, Elfi Kraka, Michael Lattman, Mark Schell, David Son, Patty Wisian-Neilson
Associate Professors: Alexander Lippert, Nicolay Tsarevsky, Brian Zoltowski
Assistant Professors: Isaac Garcia-Bosch, Devin Matthews, Tomce Runceveski, Peng Tao
Professor of Practice: Jennifer O’Brien
Senior Lecturers: Andrea Adams, Helen Babbili

General Information

Chemistry plays a key role in solving economic, environmental and societal problems that are intimately connected with the basic question of how to guarantee the sustainability of the earth. The Department of Chemistry prepares students to meet the increasing demand for a scientifically trained workforce. Students planning careers in industry, medicine or academia benefit from the comprehensive curriculum of the B.S. and B.A. programs in chemistry. Undergraduate majors are heavily involved in research, working in teams with faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Graduates have been accepted into the leading graduate and professional schools in the nation. On average, two-thirds of chemistry graduates seek advanced degrees; other graduates choose employment in industry and research.

Departmental Distinction

A chemistry major pursuing a B.S. degree may elect to graduate with departmental distinction. The student must apply to the department for this designation during the junior year, after at least 22 hours of chemistry have been completed with a minimum GPA of 3.500 in those courses. The student will enroll in CHEM 4397  and undertake an independent research project under the supervision of a departmental faculty member. During the senior year, a senior thesis will be written and presented to the department. Upon completion of all degree requirements, approval of the departmental faculty at the completion of these requirements, and provided the student maintains a minimum 3.500 GPA in all chemistry courses, the student will graduate with departmental distinction in chemistry.