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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Physiology and Wellness


Professor Lynn Romejko Jacobs, Department Chair

Professors: Lynn Romejko Jacobs, Peter Weyand
Associate Professor: Scott L. Davis
Assistant Professor: Sushmita Purkayastha
Clinical Associate Professor: Megan Murphy
Clinical Assistant Professors: Gashaw Abeza, David Bertrand
Professors of Practice: Susan Holland
Senior Lecturers: Caitlin Anderson, Brian Fennig, Donna Gober
Lecturers: Peter Carton, Piotr Chelstowski, Courtney Gedney, Ueline Newmon, Laura Robinson-Doyle, Kelyn Rola, Mark Rudich, Bradley Warren
Research Professor: Eric Bing

Department Information

The Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Its undergraduate programs include a major and four minors in applied physiology and sport management. Its graduate programs include a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management, a Master of Science in Sport Management, and a Ph.D. in education with an emphasis in applied physiology. The department also offers personal responsibility and wellness (PRW) courses, two of which are required of all undergraduate students as part of the University Curriculum, and a large selection of sports and fitness activity courses available as electives. The undergraduate and graduate programs have access to the department’s laboratories, which include an integrated physiology laboratory, an applied physiology laboratory equipped with a data acquisition system, an environmental research chamber with teaching pods, and a cerebrovascular research lab. The Locomotor Performance Laboratory specializes in terrestrial locomotion and in relating muscle function to metabolic energy expenditure and performance.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education. The Ph.D. in education is a schoolwide degree. Currently three areas of emphasis are available within this degree: teaching and learning, education policy and leadership, and applied physiology. For more information on this degree, students should see the description of the Ph.D. program at www.smu.edu/EducationPhD or in this catalog.




      Applied Physiology and Sport Management
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