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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching and Learning


Professor Ken Springer, Department Chair

Professors: Jill Allor, Stephanie Knight, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Paige Ware, Paul Yovanoff
Associate Professor: Doris Baker, Ken Springer, Candace Walkington
Assistant Professors: Diego Roman, Amy Gillespie Rouse, Anne Wilhelm
Clinical Professors: Anthony Cuevas, Abigail Pruitt
Clinical Associate Professors: Ann Batenburg, Nancy Montgomery, Dara Rossi
Clinical Assistant Professors: Sherril English, Amy Ferrell, Diane Gifford, Johnitha Watkins Johnson, Francesca Jones, Jan Mallet, Robert Rouse
Professor of Practice: Nancy Roberts
Research Associate Professor: Beverly Weiser
Research Assistant Professor: Jan Mallett, Brenna Rivas

Department Information

The Department of Teaching and Learning represents SMU’s commitment to the professional development of educators through innovative and research-based undergraduate and graduate programs.

The department’s teaching and research practices are grounded in multiple perspectives that encompass behaviorist, cognitive, social-constructivist and sociocultural approaches to scholarship. All programs serve to prepare educators who are scholars and leaders in professionalism, committed to high-quality teaching and practice, and who are leaders in translating research into practice and experts in differentiated instruction.

To facilitate achievement of its objectives, the department launched a Hybrid Learning Initiative in 2012. Hybrid learning refers to the integration of traditional classroom and online learning to enhance the classroom experience and to extend learning through the innovative application of technology. The Teaching and Learning Department offers several courses in a hybrid format as well as courses fully online each term with an emphasis on quality classroom experiences supplemented with online learning to promote collaboration.

The department’s undergraduate curriculum prepares students for initial teacher certification. The department’s graduate curricula focus on reading, teaching and learning, special education, giftedness, bilingual education, ESL, Montessori, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Two master’s degrees are offered: a Master of Bilingual Education (M.B.E.) and a Master of Education (M.Ed.). The M.B.E. includes a special education concentration and a gifted concentration. The M.Ed. is available in three formats: the traditional M.Ed. for which students must select one or two specializations, an M.Ed. in special education, and an M.Ed. for educator preparation. The Master of Music with a major in music education is offered through the Meadows School of the Arts in cooperation with the Simmons School. In addition, a variety of enrichment opportunities serve the continuing education needs of practicing educators.

The school promotes high-quality research that combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies, generates new hypotheses and influences pedagogical practices in early childhood (or “EC”) through grade-12 schools.

Note: Completion of any coursework in the Department of Teaching and Learning will not result in certification. Applicants are advised to visit the Texas Education Agency website at www.tea.state.tx.us (“Educator Certification” link) for more information on Texas teacher certification requirements.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education. The Ph.D. in education is a schoolwide degree. For more information on this degree, students should see the description of the Ph.D. program in this catalog or online at www.smu.edu/EducationPhD.




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