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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Fees and Deposits

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Virtual Orientation Fee (non-refundable)   
First-year Student $335
All Transfer Students $170
Education Doctorate Orientation Fee (nonrefundable)  
Education Doctorate Orientation Fee $250
Academic Prelude Program Fee $1,500
Administrative Add/Drop Fee (including non-attendance) $30
Administrative Work Authorization Fee  
Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorization fee $100
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) extension OPT work authorization fee $200
Admission Deposit (nonrefundable)  
Cox School of Business (except Cox Executive M.B.A.) $2,000
Cox Executive M.B.A. $3,000
Dedman School of Law (J.D. and LL.M.) $750
Deferred Enrollment Fee (Gap Fee) $1,000
SMU Abroad (January Programs, May Programs & Summer Programs) per program & term $1,000
SMU-in-Taos (all terms) $1,100
MSSM Masters of Science in Sports Management (offered jointly with Cox School of Business) $700
MSSM program - Masters of Science in Health Promotion Management $500
Audit (per Term Credit Hour)  
Undergraduate and Graduate $310
Dedman School of Law $1,707
Lyle School of Engineering  $1,350
SMU-in-Taos (all terms) $1,464
Application Fee (nonrefundable)  
Undergraduate $60
Cox School of Business  
  Visiting Students, Readmission, Courses for Credit After Graduation $75
  International Course Registration $200
Dedman College Graduate $75
Dedman College IEP (English as a Second Language) $77
Dedman School of Law (J.D. and LL.M.) $75
Lyle School of Engineering – Graduate $75
Meadows School of the Arts $75
Perkins School of Theology (C.M.M., D.Min., M.Div., M.T.S.) $50
Simmons School of Education and Human Development $40
Non-degree student $75
Matriculation Fee (nonrefundable)  
Undergraduate $250
Transcript Fee  
Initial request $12.50
Each additional transcript in the same
request mailed to the same address


Each additional transcript in the same
request mailed to a different address
Transcript Fee Additional Fee for Delivery Options  
Electronic pdf $3.75
Express delivery United States $27
Express delivery Mexico $37
Express delivery International $47
Degree Verification $18
Thesis Fee  
Microfilm copy $17
Penalty Fees  
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances $250 to $999.99)  $50
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances $1,000 to $5,000)  $150
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances over $5,000) 3% (up to max $750)
Onsite Late Penalty - Lyle Weekend Late Penalty (deferred payment accounts) $250
Past Due Fee (student and miscellaneous accounts) 1.5% per month on unpaid balance
Internal Collection Fee $50
  Full-time Students (begins 1st day after add/drop) $200 (+ $50/week)
  Part-time Students (begins 1st day after add/drop) $100 (+ $25/week)
Returned Check/Credit Card Chargeback Fee $30
Replacement ID (lost, stolen or damaged) $40
Replacement Parking Permit $30
SMU Police Department Fees  
Incident Report Copy $40
Fingerprints $25
Notary $6
Assistance On/Off Campus $45/hr
Open Records Request No charge for 50 pages or less
51 pages or more:  
  Standard paper copy $.10/page
  Diskette $1
  Magnetic tape Actual Cost
  Data cartridge Actual Cost
  Tape cartridge Actual Cost
  Rewritable CD $1
  Non-rewritable CD $1
  Digital video disc $3
  Programmer $28.50 per hour
  Public information charge* $15 per hour
*charge for locating, compiling, manipulating data, and reproducing public information
Moving Violations: Reckless driving, failure to stop at stop sign, driving wrong way, no seat belt $60
Disabled Space $300
No Parking Zone  $50
Violation of Suspension $80
Double Parking $50
Blocking Drive/Crosswalk $50
Parking on Grass $50
No Valid Decal $50
Improperly Displayed Decal $30
Car Towed/Booted $80
Parking in Fire Lane $150
Violation of Timed Parking $30
Vehicle Impoundment $30/day
Parking in Reserve Space $60
Fraudulent/Illegal Use of Disabled Permit $350
Unauthorized Area $50
Unregistered License Plate $30
Fraternity and Sorority Facility Use Fees* Cost varies per chapter
*A facility use fee is a building usage fee charged to ALL members of a fraternity or sorority if their chapter house is owned by SMU.
Graduation and Diploma Fees  
Late Application to Graduate $30
Replacement Diploma – Bachelors $45
Replacement Diploma – Masters/Doctoral/Professional $47.50
Certified Diploma (apostille) – 3 copies $15
Reorder Expedited Order $25
Express Delivery (different from transcript costs) Cost of Service
Post Office Box Rental (included in room rate)  
Fall and Spring Term (nonresident students and other box holders) per term $50
Summer Session (nonresident students and other box holders) per term $40
Full Year – Fall, Spring and Summer (nonrefundable – all resident students) $95
New students entering Spring Term (nonrefundable – all resident students) $50
Resident Assistant $50
Advanced Placement Credit Records Fee (per course) $25
Insurance for SMU Abroad (included in program costs) $200
Health Center Fee (required fee for Fall and Spring Term)  
Full-time (12 or more credit hours) Undergraduate student (not residing in a residence hall) $100
Part-time (1-11 credit hours) Undergraduate student (not residing in a residence hall) $50
All Graduate students (not residing in a residence hall) $50
SMU-in-Taos no charge
Study Abroad (included in program costs) no charge
Summer Session $50
Health Center No-show Fee  
No-show Fee – counseling (per visit) $20
No-show Fee – medical (per visit) $20
Library Late Charge (per book) $0.50 per day, max. $15 after 30 days
Other Program Costs for SMU Abroad**  
**Includes on-site housing, course excursions and other logistics. Some may include meals.
January and May Term:  
SMU-in-Madrid: Arts & Culture $1,700
SMU-in-Normandy - May Term $1,700
SMU-in-London: Arts & Culture $1,700
SMU-in-The Mediterranean $1,700
SMU-in-North Africa $1,700
SMU-in-India - January Term $1,700
Internship: Barcelona $1,700
Internship: Dublin $1,700
Internship: London Business $3,500
Internship: London Communication $3,500
Internship: Prague $1,700
Internship: Seville $1,700
Intership: Sydney $1,700
SMU-in-Bali $1,700
SMU-in-Barcelona $1,700
SMU-in-China  $1,700
SMU-in-Costa Rica $1,700
SMU-in-France $1,700
SMU-in-Germany: Culture, Language and Engineering $1,700
SMU-in-Havana-Miami $1,700
SMU STEM Research (includes Dublin and Glasgow) $1,700
SMU-in-India $1,700
SMU-in-Italy: Arts $1,700
SMU-in-Japan $1,700
SMU-in-London: Communication $1,700
SMU-in-London: LSE $3,500
SMU-in-Madrid $1,700
SMU-in-Morocco $1,700
SMU-in-Oxford $1,700
SMU-in-Prague $1,700
SMU-in-Rwanda $1,700
SMU-in-Rome & Paris $1,700
SMU-in-Siena $1,700
SMU-in-South Africa $1,700
SMU-in-Tokyo $1,700
SMU-in-Tuscany $1,700
International Student Fee (per term) $100
International Undergraduate New Student Orientation Fee $100
Late Housing Cancellation Charge 5% of housing contract
Loft Modification $50
Residence Hall Cleaning $50
Lost Key Charges  
  One Cylinder $50
  Two Cylinder $75
  Three Cylinder $100
  Four Cylinder $125
  Five Cylinder or more $150
Repair Electronic Locks $250
Replace Electronic Locks $500
Lost Key Charge: SMU-in-Taos $50
Room Check-out Violation: SMU-in-Taos $250
Advance Housing Payment
(nonrefundable and paid w/ ATD)
Missed Tutor Appointment Fee  $20