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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

World Languages and Literatures

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Associate Professor Elizabeth Russ, Department Chair

American Sign Language
Lecturer: Tiffany McCray

Senior Lecturers
: Liljana Elverskog, Omar Al-Rashdan

Senior Lecturer
: Wei Qu, Yan Xia
Lecturers: Xiao Hu

Professors: Thomas DiPiero, Dayna Oscherwitz
Associate Professors: Maxime Foerster, Hervé Tchumkam
Senior Lecturers: Gwendoline Aaron, Paola Buckley, Janet Dodd, Rachel Ney, Thierry Tirado, Omar Al-Rashdan
Lecturers: James Batchelor, Caroline Grubbs, Yuliya Kruchkova, Stefano Maranzana, Antoinette Williams-Tutt

Senior Lecturer: Stephen Grollman
Lecturer: Gizem Arlsan

Lecturer: Justin Michael Germain

Senior Lecturers: Brandy Alvarez, Damiano Bonuomo, Teresa Brentegani
Lecturers: Daniele Forlino, Stefano Maranzana

Senior Lecturer: Keiko Flores

Lecturer: Justin Michael Germain
Instructor: Patti Rawlins

Professor: Denise DuPont
Associate Professors: Olga Colbert, Luis Maldonado-Peña, Alberto Pastor, Elizabeth Russ, Rubén Sánchez-Godoy, Gabriela Vokic, Alicia Zuese
Senior Lecturers: Miroslava Detcheva, Maria Eguez, Susana Fernandez-Solera, Verónica León, Maria Villar Martin, Leticia McDoniel, Lourdes Molina, Joy Saunders
Lecturers: Michael Allred, Donna Binkowski, Sarah Bogard, Marlen Y. Collazo, Rachel Hall, Constantin Icleanu, Allison Larkin, Ana Acosta Melgarejo, Maria del Pilar Melgarejo, Talia Weltman-Cisneros

Lecturers: Tatiana Zimakova, Yuliya Kruchkova

General Information

The Department of World Languages and Literatures offers nine modern languages and two classical languages. Students may pursue a B.A. degree in French, French Studies, German, Spanish, and World Languages and minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, International Film Studies, Italian, Italian Area Studies, Japanese, Latin, Russian Area Studies, and Spanish. The B.A. in World Languages allows students to specialize in two different languages.

In pursuing language study, students gain communicative proficiency in a second or third language, as well as cultural proficiency and heightened global awareness. Courses taught toward a language major or minor emphasize all of these through the study of communication, culture, literature, linguistics, history, film, politics, business and other diverse aspects of language and culture. Students may also apply these skills through a language-based internship, either in Dallas or abroad, and through independent research.

SMU Abroad Rules for Credit. Students participating in an SMU Abroad term program may automatically count nine credit hours of courses taught in an approved program toward a B.A. and six credit hours toward a minor. Students studying abroad for a full year may apply 15 credit hours with specific approval from the area chair of the language.

Departmental Distinction

  1. Overall 3.500 GPA by the middle of the junior year.
  2. Overall 3.700 GPA in the major by the middle of the junior year.
  3. Invitation of area faculty after the area as a whole has discussed the student’s candidacy.
  4. Two extra courses beyond the requirements for the major. One course must include a major research paper, to be undertaken and completed in the first term of the candidate’s senior year.

Majors, Minors and Courses in World Languages

Requirements for a B.A. degree in French, French Studies, Spanish and World Languages, as well as for minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, International Film Studies, Italian, Italian Area Studies, Japanese, Latin, Russian Area Studies and Spanish are given below.




      American Sign Language


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