May 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Computer Science

Professor Frederick R. Chang, Chair

Professors: Frederick R. Chang, Ira Greenberg, Jeff Tian, Jia Zhang
Associate Professors: LiGuo Huang, Eric C. Larson, David Lin
Assistant Professor: Corey Clark
Senior Lecturer: Frank P. Coyle
Lecturer:  Maya El Dayeh
Clinical Professors: Ginger Alford, Mark E. Fontenot, Michael Hahsler, Theodore W. Manikas
Adjunct Faculty: Hakki C. Cankaya, Isaac Chow, Vidroha Debroy, Judy Etchison, Aaron L. Estes, Mark Hoffman, Kenneth R. Howard, Toby Huskinson, Bhanu Kapoor, John Lawrimore, Karl C. Lewis, D. Kall Loper, Matthew R. McBride, Lee D. McFearin, Freeman Moore, Robert Oshana, Padmaraj M.V. Nair, Klyne Smith 

Graduate Programs

The department offers graduate programs in computer science, cybersecurity and software engineering. Faculty research interests include CAD methods and algorithms for digital systems design, computer arithmetic, computer architecture, configurable hardware, design automation, VLSI design, bioinformatics, database systems, data mining, design and analysis of algorithms, theory of computation, software engineering, parallel processing, mobile computing, computer networks, fault tolerance, computer security, and information assurance.

In addition to the research labs, students in the Department of Computer Science have access to a wide range of facilities and equipment. The CS Department’s computing environment has evolved into an Ethernet-based network of personal computers and servers. General-use UNIX servers are available that run OSF1, SunOS and Linux. A wireless network is also available throughout the facilities of CS. Access to the network is also available via open-area labs containing X terminals and PCs.

Graduate Degrees. The Department of Computer Science offers the following graduate degrees:


    Dual Degree


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