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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Computing

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Professor Ira Greenberg, Center Director

Professor: Ira Greenberg
Associate Professor: Jo Guldi
Associate Professor of Practice: Mark Leon
Assistant Professors: Courtney Brown, Melanie Clemmons
Visiting Lecturers: Jessie Zarazaga
Adjunct Instructors: Michael Corris, David G. Smith, Brittni Watkins

General Information

Creative computing is a highly interdisciplinary program offering a Bachelor of Arts and a minor that combine theory and methodology from computer science and engineering with aesthetic principles and creative practice from the arts. The program is rigorous in its interdisciplinary integration, requiring students to pursue core coursework in both the Lyle School of Engineering and the Meadows School of the Arts. In addition, the program requires a capstone project and either a minor concentration or a second major. Study abroad is also highly recommended.

The major in creative computing crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries in response to technological innovation, contemporary arts practices and demands of the global marketplace. An underlying principle at the philosophical core of the major is the integration of creative and analytical study and practice – championing an integrated “whole brain” approach. The major in creative computing enables students to consider problems from many angles and conceptual frameworks, integrating widely disparate approaches and practices.

The program’s breadth enables students to target many different segments and professional opportunities within the digital economy, including software engineering, Web design, interactive design/development, mobile application development, 3-D modeling and animation, scientific visualization, and social media. It is anticipated that opportunities will continue to increase as the application of computation and digital processes continues to proliferate across all segments of the global economy. Graduates of the program will

  • Be fully literate in at least one major programming language (Java, C/C++, etc.) and a secondary scripting language (JavaScript, Python, etc.), and will be capable of developing a fully functional software project from concept through deployment, including platform integration, installation, debugging and maintenance.
  • Have a conceptual, technical and aesthetic direction informing their creative development and research.
  • Be capable of bridging multiple disciplines and synthesizing original technology-driven solutions.
  • Be equally comfortable and competent applying creative and computational methods, approaches and processes in solving problems.
  • Be capable of working across multiple segments of the digital economy in roles such as interactive designers and/or developers, creative technologists, software engineers, project managers, fine artists and entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of CRCP 1310  or CS 1341  with a grade of at least B- is required to declare the creative computing major.

Grade Requirements

The minimum passing grade for courses to meet major requirements is C-. Creative computing majors and minors must achieve a minimum 2.000 major or minor grade point average to complete the program.




      Creative Computing

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