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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Lifelong Learning


Clinical Assistant Professor Kate Montgomery, Department Chair

Clinical Associate Professor: John Potter
Clinical Assistant Professors: Ashley Mag Gabbert, Kate Montgomery

Academic Council, 2022-2023

Professors: Robert Hunt (Theology), Herve Tchumkam (World Languages), Bill Barnard (Religious Studies)
Professor of Practice: Rick Halperin (Human Rights)
Clinical Associate Professor: John Potter (Graduate Liberal Studies-Dispute Resolution)
Associate Professors: Nicolay Tsarevsky (Chemistry)
Senior Lecturer: Bruce Levy (English)
Clinical Assistant Professors: Kate Montgomery (Graduate Liberal Studies-Dispute Resolution), Mag Gabbert (Graduate Liberal Studies-Dispute Resolution)
Visiting Lecturer: Michael Lindsey (Psychology)
Ex Officio: Gary Clayton (Dispute Resolution), Brenda McAdoo (Dispute Resolution),  Angela Mitakidis (Dispute Resolution), Jennifer Parvin (Education)

Department Information

The Department of Lifelong Learning offers interdisciplinary and skills-based doctoral, master’s, and certificate programs, including the Doctor of Liberal Studies, Master of Liberal Studies, certificate in advanced graduate study, Master of Arts in dispute resolution, graduate certificate in dispute resolution,  graduate certificate in healthcare collaboration and conflict engagement, and a variety of curricular concentrations in liberal studies and dispute resolution.

Study Abroad

The department intermittently offers courses at off-site locations such as Italy, England, Spain, Ireland and SMU’s campus in Taos, New Mexico.

Graduate Liberal Studies

Graduate Liberal Studies students are allowed to chart their own self-directed curricular paths to the doctoral degree, master’s degree, or advanced certificate without the customary constraints of traditional graduate programs. Students are encouraged to cultivate their intellectual passions with the opportunity to distinguish themselves personally and professionally and to make greater contributions to society.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution programs focus on the resolution of interpersonal conflicts that require or benefit from the intervention of professional mediators. The Master of Arts in dispute resolution, graduate certificate in dispute resolution, and graduate certificate in healthcare collaboration and conflict engagement teach the skills necessary to peaceful mediation.  

Contact Information:

Department of Lifelong Learning
PO Box 750253
Dallas, TX 75275-0253




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