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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division III: The Interpretation of the Christian Witness

Professors: William Abraham, Karen Baker-Fletcher, Charles Curran, Hugo Magal-lanes, Natalia Marandiuc, Bruce Marshall, Rebekah Miles, Joerg Rieger, Theodore Walker. Intern Faculty: Isabel Docampo.


Coursework in Division III is intended to foster an understanding of the content of the Christian faith in its historical and contemporary articulations and to enhance the student’s capacity for constructive theological and ethical reflection. Basic studies provide an orientation to theological and ethical thinking and knowledge of the principles of Christian doctrine and moral teaching. Advanced studies are offered on specific doctrines, theological questions and ethical problems, on the works of selected theologians and ethicists and on issues having to do with the relationship between contemporary Christian thinking and current philosophical, scientific, political and cultural developments.

The following courses are prerequisite and/or corequisite for ST 6301 - Interpretation of the Christian Message I : one of the four required terms of basic studies in Bible and one term of HX 6305 - The Christian Heritage I  or HX 6306 - The Christian Heritage II . For MT 6303 - Moral Theology , the prerequisites are one Bible course, and HX 6305  or HX 6306 . Enrollment in ST 6302  presupposes satisfactory completion of ST 6301 .

Beyond the regular elective courses offered each term, reading courses in Division III may be arranged. Instructions may be obtained from the registrar.

The Courses

Note: Courses not listed below are advanced electives.