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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division IV: The Witness of the Church and Its Ministry

Professors: O. Wesley Allen, Christopher Anderson, Paula Dobbs-Wiggins, Michael Hawn, Elaine Heath, Susanne Johnson, Hugo Magallanes, Alyce McKenzie, Heidi Miller, Evelyn Parker, Harold Recinos, Mark Stamm, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner. Intern Faculty: Thomas Spann.


The program of Division IV is concerned with the church, its nature and ministry, and its leadership, clerical and lay. The program is designed to help students understand their various roles as leaders in the local church and to provide opportunities for practice in these roles.

The basic courses are designed to provide students with an introduction to the ministry of the church. The M.Div. student must satisfactorily complete nine credit hours of work in basic courses, consisting of PR 6300 - Introduction to Preaching  (three credit hours), WO 6313 - Introduction to Christian Worship  (three credit hours) and XS 6310 - The Church in Its Social Context  (three credit hours).

Students in the M.Div., M.A.M. and M.T.S. programs must have completed one term each of Bible and church history coursework before beginning any courses in ministry. XS 6310 - The Church in Its Social Context  must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, other courses in ministry. PR 6300  is a prerequisite for all advanced courses in preaching, and WO 6313  is a prerequisite for all advanced courses in worship.

Beyond the regular elective courses offered each term, reading courses in Division IV may be arranged. Students should see the registrar for details.

The Courses

Note: Courses not listed below are advanced electives, with the exception of CA 7013  and all XX courses.