Mar 29, 2023  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geophysics, B.S.

Geophysical techniques are used to understand the physical behavior of Earth, including plate-tectonic processes, earthquake mechanisms and nuclear test-ban verification. The B.S. degree in geophysics provides a strong quantitative background in seismology, geothermics and digital signal processing.

Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 33 credit hours in Earth sciences and a minimum of 30 credit hours of support courses, selected from the following:

Earth Science Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Three courses at the 3000 level or above ; with at least 3 credit hours (one course) in geophysics.

Total: 63 Credit Hours


  • Participation in a recognized geology or geophysics summer field camp is strongly recommended for all geophysics majors.
  • Experience with a modern scientific computing language is essential and can be gained in a course such as GEOL 3359 - Computer Methods in Earth Sciences .
  • The requirements for the geophysics major are considered minimal. Students should consult a faculty adviser for recommendations on additional coursework that best fits their goals.
  • B.S. students in Earth science who wish to go on to a graduate degree in Earth science are strongly recommended to complete a minor in mathematics.