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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Musical Theatre Minor

Professor Kevin Paul Hofeditz, Director

The minor in musical theatre is designed to develop the fundamental set of skills required for musical theatre. Through the specific studies in dance, music and theatre that are needed for competency in musical theatre, students in this program enhance their marketability as performers.

Admission to the minor is competitive and available only by audition. The minor is intended, primarily, for dance performance, theatre and voice majors, and for dance performance minors and music minors with a voice concentration, but all students may audition.

Students who are not enrolled in one of the above majors or minors may audition for provisional admission to the minor in musical theatre. Full admission to the minor is subsequently granted upon the successful completion (with a grade of B or better) of PERB 1206  by no later than the first term of the sophomore year and THEA 2311  by no later than in the first term of the junior year.

Auditions are held annually, typically in the fall term, for entrance to the program the following fall. In order to be able to complete the curriculum, students must audition during their first year and begin the course-work in the fall term of their sophomore year.

Requirements for the Minor

Jazz Dance (3–4 Credit Hours)

Dance performance majors or minors substitute two from the following:

Music minors or majors with a concentration in voice and voice performance majors substitute 6 hours:

Theatre (3 Credit Hours)

Interdisciplinary (3 Credit Hours)

Total: 21–22 Credit Hours