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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, B.S.

A B.S. in psychology requires 45 or 46 course credit hours (15 courses). Prior to declaring a Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology, students must complete the four-course foundation sequence of PSYC 1300 , PSYC 3301 , PSYC 4301 , and STAT 2331 . An approved alternate analysis course may be substituted for STAT 2331  with departmental permission. The foundation courses must be completed with a C or higher on the first attempt in order to declare the B.S. degree.

Research training, practicum, and independent study courses are available (PSYC 3099 , PSYC 3199 , PSYC 3299 , PSYC 3399 , and PSYC 4395 ) on a pass/fail basis. These courses will not count toward the required advanced elective hours for the major. To earn the B.S. degree, students must earn a C- or higher in all breadth and elective classes and have a major GPA of 2.500.

Requirements for the Major

Psychology Breadth (15 Credit Hours)

Students choose one course from each of the five breadth areas in the department:

Advanced PSYC Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Students must also complete nine advanced hours (three courses) of psychology electives at the 3000 level and above .

Scientific Perspective (3-4 Credit Hours)

Students must take one lab-based science course for science or engineering majors taken as part of the University Curriculum, or major elective, chosen from the following:

Advanced Analysis (3 Credit Hours)

In addition to the Psychology Foundation statistics course, B.S. students need to complete one additional advanced STAT elective at the 3000 level and above , or other advanced analysis course approved by the psychology department.

Experiential Learning (3 Credit Hours)

B.S. students need to complete three hours of Research Training with a faculty mentor in the Psychology Department. Students may substitute Internship/Practicum with department approval.

Total: 45-46 Credit Hours