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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division I: The Biblical Witness

Professors: Jaime Clark-Soles, Roy Heller, Craig Hill, John R. (Jack) Levison, Susanne Scholz, Abraham Smith, Sze-kar Wan.


The purpose of Division I is to develop the student’s biblical knowledge and understanding and to provide sound methods for proper and effective use of Scripture. Biblical history and literature are studied in relation to the social and cultural context of ancient Israel and the early church. The division is concerned, further, with the exposition of Scripture and with the nature and history of great biblical themes, so as to produce effective biblical interpreters, whether their study has been in English alone or in one or more of the biblical languages.

All Hebrew exegesis courses presuppose completion of HB 7300 , HB 7301  or the equivalent, as well as OT 6301  or the equivalent. All Greek exegesis courses presuppose completion of GR 7300 , GR 7301  or the equivalent, as well as NT 6301  or the equivalent.

The Courses

Usually, 7000-level English exegesis courses are devoted to the study of the theological and literary features of a particular book within the related historical context and presuppose the relevant introductory course. Courses at the 8000 level are advanced seminars.