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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Design and Innovation, M.A.

This project-based program focuses on skills and processes of creative thinking and problem-solving in a multidisciplinary setting. The degree is grounded in the methodologies of human-centered design, including design research, solution frameworks, idea generation and rapid prototyping. The program involves coursework in theories of design, 2D and 3D tools, innovation processes, and project-based design studios focused on real-world design challenges. Additionally, the degree requires coursework in electives outside of Lyle to build cross-disciplinary experiences and knowledge. This degree is for students seeking to become more versatile thinkers regardless of their disciplinary background. The skills and modes of thought acquired through this degree are particularly applicable to future careers in design, engineering, advertising, education, business, and the social sciences.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering degree requirements, candidates are required to hold a bachelor’s degree from an institution of standard collegiate rank recognized by the accrediting agencies in whose jurisdiction the college is located or to be in the final year of an accredited bachelor’s degree program.

Degree Requirements

In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering degree requirements, candidates must meet the following requirement: satisfactory completion of the following courses with an overall graduate GPA of at least 3.000. Only a few of the advanced elective courses have prerequisites, ensuring that students are able to fulfill program requirements on a reasonable timeline. Students wishing to choose any of the electives below will need to have met all course requirements and prerequisites. Enrollment in open electives will be at the discretion of the academic department where the course is offered and the course instructor. Open electives are designed to allow students to gain specialized skills in the field that they may go on to practice or to pursue a personal passion or interest that will complement their future work.

Total: 19 Credit Hours

Suggested Elective Courses

Four (4) electives must be completed with a satisfactory grade in order to fulfill the Masters of Design and Innovation degree. The following is a list of highly recommended courses, but students are allowed to take courses from across the University to complete the degree. Some courses will require approval for enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain this approval in conjunction with approval from their program advisor. All electives need to be taken at the 6000 level or higher.

Two from the following:

Total: 6-8 Credit Hours

Free Elective Courses

  • Two courses from graduate programs on campus, approved by the student’s adviser.

Total: 6 Credit Hours

Total: 30-33 Credit Hours