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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering/Business Administration, M.S./M.B.A.

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The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering  and the Edwin L. Cox School of Business  offer a two-year, dual degree in Master of Science in Engineering (with one of the specific degrees listed below) and Master of Business Administration, with as few as 68 credit hours. The program is intended for full-time graduate students with Bachelor degrees in engineering or science. The program is offered on-campus, although some of the engineering courses may be taken by means of the Lyle School’s distance learning facilities. This program is geared toward recent graduates as well as early-career professionals employed in the engineering and technology sector who desire to broaden and deepen their skills to further their career opportunities and become leaders in technology with the appropriate business and management acumen.

This program takes advantage of the 50-credit hour Full-Time One-Year M.B.A. degree offered by Cox School and double-counts up to 6 credit hours of M.B.A. courses as electives in the 30-credit hour M.S. in Engineering degree programs making it possible to obtain two degrees with a total of 74 semester credit hours (24 credit hours of engineering and 50 credit hours in M.B.A. program). Students first complete the 24 credit hour of required courses for the specific M.S. in Engineering degree sought during the fall and spring semesters of the first year. Students then start the year-long One-Year M.B.A. (starting with the summer term and continuing in the fall and spring terms) completing both degrees at the end of the second academic year. At the conclusion of the dual degree program, students obtain an M.S. in the specific engineering degree and the M.B.A.

The overall educational objective of the dual M.S. in Engineering/M.B.A. program is to impart the necessary breadth and depth in business and in technology for those individuals preparing for leadership roles in technology firms. The program provides a reduction of 6 credit hours from the total credits that would be required for a student earning the two degrees separately (one of the M.S. in Engineering degrees listed below and the One-Year MBA) and reduces the time to complete both degrees to two years, including a summer semester.

The tuition rate of the Lyle School of Engineering shall apply to the courses taken at the Cox School of Business.

Candidates will need to complete the regular admissions processes for both the Lyle School of Engineering and the Cox School of Business, including submission of all applicable test scores and supporting documents. For an application and additional information from the Lyle School of Engineering, students should see the Admissions section at www.smu.edu/lyle. For Cox School of Business admissions information, students should visit www.smu.edu/cox/fasttrackmba or contact the Cox Admissions Office: telephone 214-768-1214 or 1-800-472-3622; fax 214-768-3956; mbainfo@cox.smu.edu.

The M.S. in Engineering degrees offered in this dual partnership are as follows:


M.S.E./M.B.A. Class 2022: Entry Summer 2021, Graduate Spring 2022

Total Credit Hours: 74

(24 Lyle + 50 Cox)

Year 1 - Fall Term (Lyle School)

  • Engineering core/electives (4 courses)

Term Total: 12 Credit Hours

Year 1 - Spring Term (Lyle School)

  • Engineering core/electives (4 courses)

Term Total: 12 Credit Hours

Year 1 - Summer Term (Cox School)

Year 2 - Fall Term (Cox School)

Term Total: 16 Credit Hours


  • Students select the second accounting course based on their interest and anticipated concentration: either ACCT 6202 - Financial Accounting II  or ACCT 6205 - Strategic Cost Analysis . Students should consult the Concentrations and Minors section for specific information on which second accounting course is required for each concentration. 
  • MNGT 6101 - Managing Your Career , a zero-credit course, is a requirement to use the extended services of the Career Management Center. Students earn a grade of Pass or Fail. 

Year 2 - Spring Term (Cox School)

Module A

  • Electives: four courses 

Module B

  • Electives: four courses 

Term Total: 16 Credit Hours

Credit Hours Summary for M.S. in Engineering/One-Year M.B.A. Program

  • 24 credit hours of Lyle School of Engineering courses
  • 50 credit hours of Cox School of Business courses
  • 74 credit hours total for M.S. in Engineering / M.B.A. degree

Note: For the 24 credit hours of elective courses, students complete one concentration. Each concentration requires 12–16 specific credit hours. (Additional information is in the Concentrations and Minors section.)

Credit Hours Summary by School

Year Lyle Engineering Cox School
1 24 18
2 0 32
Total 24 50


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