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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Individualized Studies in Liberal Arts, B.A. - with a focus on Women’s and Gender Studies


Josephine Caldwell-Ryan, Director

Students may complete a B.A. in individualized studies in the liberal arts with a focus on women’s and gender studies. Students wishing to earn distinction must take a directed studies course that requires a research project and paper.

Students who qualify for individualized studies in the liberal arts and who have a strong interest in women’s role in culture and society, or in the study of gender and sexuality more generally, may propose a program that focuses on women’s and gender studies. The program should expose the student to the diverse meanings of gender and sexuality within and across cultures. The program description and administrative procedures specified for the individualized major in the liberal arts  apply. Students must consult with the individualized studies program director in the Dedman College Dean’s Office to prepare a plan of study.

The following additional stipulations apply:

  1. The student must also consult with the women’s and gender studies director, who shall serve as one of the members of the Faculty Supervisory Committee for the student’s major.
  2. Two additional faculty members who teach courses in the program serve on this committee, which oversees the student’s progress and certifies completion of the major.
  3. The student’s program must include courses in at least four disciplines (not counting WGST courses). At least two courses at the 4000 level and above are strongly recommended.

Many program-approved departmental courses with a subject area in women’s and gender studies courses are offered annually and, with a few exceptions, the remainder are available at least every other year. Students should consult with the director about offerings and frequency.

SMU Degree Requirements

An SMU undergraduate degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and must include completion of the University’s Common Curriculum , one major and a combination of electives and/or other majors or minors. Completion of certain majors requires more than 120 hours to finish the degree. The credit hours within this curriculum are distributed as follows:

Requirements for the Major

Core Course (3 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses (27 Credit Hours)

Nine relevant WGST or program-approved courses (below) at the 3000-level and above:

Total for the Major Only: 36 Credit Hours