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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Management, M.S.S.M.

SMU’s M.S.S.M. degree is designed for the individual who has a passion for the business of sport and aspires to hold a senior management position in the billion-dollar sports industry. Developed collaboratively by the Cox School of Business and the Simmons School of Education and Human Development, the full-time, one-year M.S.S.M. program is led and taught by professionals with extensive experience in a variety of sport segments, including professional leagues and teams, sport law, media and broadcasting, marketing and sponsorship, facilities, and ticket sales and service. The primary student audience includes business graduates, graduates of sport management programs and professionals working in the world of sport.

The program’s unique features address the needs of working professionals:

  • Students enter as part of a cohort in the fall term of an academic year.
  • All classes are taught in the evening on Monday – Thursday and sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Students are trained in evidence-based practices associated with sport management.
  • The curriculum includes 17 sequenced courses and one internship that are taught in four seven-week modules over a 12-month period that begins in the fall and concludes with a summer-long internship.
    • Eight of the courses are part of the top-ranking Cox School of Business’ M.B.A. curriculum.
    • Nine of the courses are taught through the Simmons School of Education and Human Development.
    • The 200-hour summer internship serves as a capstone to the program.

Curriculum and Term Sequencing

Because the M.S.S.M. program has an abbreviated academic term (seven weeks rather than the traditional 16 weeks) and because nearly half of the program’s classes are offered through the Cox School of Business, the credit hour load requirements for the M.S.S.M. program are different from those of other Simmons School programs.

The M.S.S.M. program has two seven-week modules in each of the fall and spring terms, and two credit hours are earned by 24 classroom contact hours in each seven-week module. Each classroom contact hour generally requires a minimum of two to three hours of advance preparation time on the part of the student. The M.S.S.M. course sequence requires that students enroll in 16 credit hours in the fall term (comprising two modules) and 17 credit hours in the spring term (two modules); a student must be enrolled in at least 10 credit hours in a spring or fall term to have full-time academic status. M.S.S.M. students are allowed to transfer up to four credit hours (equivalent to 2 two-credit M.S.S.M. courses) from other institutions provided (1) the institutions are accredited by AACSB International, (2) course grades are B- or better, (3) the courses were completed within the three years prior to matriculation to Simmons, and (4) the courses were not credited toward a previous degree.

A maximum of 44 credits may be applied toward the academic requirements of the degree. Additional courses are limited to two Cox electives and one Simmons elective.

Note: Course sequencing for fall and spring modules is subject to change.

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the M.S.S.M. program during the fall term only and, subject to exceptions, the spring term. The highly selective process follows the admission standards of the Cox School of Business M.S.M. program. The M.S.S.M. admissions committee seeks a diverse group of candidates demonstrating the following attributes:

  • Significant professional and life experiences, particularly in the sports or allied-sports industries.
  • Strong academic capabilities, leadership potential, and interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Personal qualities such as maturity, integrity, self-confidence and motivation.
  • A strong commitment to learning and achievement.

Preferred applicants typically have extensive sport management internship experiences, full-time work experience and a strong undergraduate record. The program is continuing its test-optional admissions policy for Fall 2023 applicants. Applicants are required to submit the following items for admission consideration:

  1. A completed application form (www.smu.edu/MSSportManagement) and fee.
  2. A cover letter and résumé.
  3. An essay.
  4. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  5. Two letters of recommendation.
  6. A TOEFEL/IELTS score report for international students.
  7. Optional: An official GMAT or GRE score report

Although the Simmons School and the Cox School are not obligated to accept any transfer credit, in certain cases coursework may be transferred when entering the program, thereby reducing the number of credit hours that must be taken at SMU for the M.S.S.M. degree. Up to four credits in coursework can be considered for transfer provided the coursework aligns with equivalent M.S.S.M. courses, such that 2 hours of transfer credit come from a sport management course and 2 hours of transfer credit come from a business course. For complete details, students should contact the M.S.S.M. office.

Contact Information:

Master of Science in Sport Management
PO Box 750382
Dallas, TX 75275-0382