May 30, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

French Studies, B.A.

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Courses are to be selected in consultation with the major adviser. Study abroad with SMU-in-France, a faculty-led summer program, is strongly recommended.

French Courses

All courses are conducted in French.

Language Courses FREN 1401, FREN 1402, FREN 1601, FREN 2201, FREN 2302, FREN 2401, FREN 2455, FREN 3101, FREN 3356, FREN 3357, FREN 3358, FREN 3366, FREN 4185, FREN 4285, FREN 4385, FREN 4391
Literature and Culture Courses FREN 3365, FREN 3386, FREN 4362, FREN 4363, FREN 4364, FREN 4366, FREN 4367, FREN 4368, FREN 4369, FREN 4371, FREN 4372, FREN 4373, FREN 4374, FREN 4375, FREN 4376, FREN 4377, FREN 4378, FREN 4382, FREN 4391, FREN 4395, FREN 4396
Internship Courses FREN 4185, FREN 4285, FREN 4385

SMU Degree Requirements

An SMU undergraduate degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and must include completion of the University’s Common Curriculum , one major and a combination of electives and/or other majors or minors. Completion of certain majors requires more than 120 hours to finish the degree. The credit hours within this curriculum are distributed as follows:

Requirements for the Major

Three courses from the following: (9 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses (9 Credit Hours)

Three courses from the following:

No more than two courses from the following list:

(Other courses, through a process of student petition, will be considered provided a substantial portion of the course is devoted to aspects of the cultures of the francophone world.)

Two additional WL courses from the above list, OR two courses from the following approved list:

Total for the Major Only: 28 Credit Hours

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