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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Additional SMU Programs

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SMU Abroad programs are administered by the Study Abroad office, which provides for program logistics, admission, schedules and enrollment information.

For January, May and Summer programs, an initial non-refundable commitment fee as well as the second commitment fee is due from each student after acceptance into a program and is payable to SMU Abroad through Marketplace.

The balance of tuition is payable to SMU Division of Enrollment Services in accordance with regular University billing procedures. Deadlines are listed by term on the SMU Abroad website at smu.edu/abroad.

For Term-time Programs Abroad (Fall and Spring), a deposit is paid directly to the Program Provider on the deadline set by the Program.

The balance of all other tuition and fees is payable to SMU Division of Enrollment Services in accordance with regular University billing procedures and deadlines for term-time. Deadlines are listed by term on the Bursar’s website at https://www.smu.edu/EnrollmentServices/Bursar/DueDates.

Additional information can be obtained from:

SMU Abroad
Southern Methodist University
Blanton Student Services Building
6185 Airline Road, Suite 216
Dallas TX 75205

Mailing address:

PO Box 750391
Dallas TX 75275-0391


SMU’s 423-acre campus in Northern New Mexico is located at historic Fort Burgwin. This unique SMU option provides an experiential living-learning experience that fosters academic and personal growth. Students can fulfill major, minor or UC requirements during a variety of summer and winter terms. Diverse course offerings allow students of nearly all majors to participate.

The Taos campus offers several terms ranging from two to four weeks in January, May, June and August.

Enrollment is typically available during the fall or spring term immediately preceding the Taos term. Enrollment must be approved by the SMU-in-Taos Office, located at 338 Blanton Student Services Building, 6185 Airline Road.

The SMU-in-Taos program offers the same undergraduate tuition rate as the main campus. Students attending SMU-in-Taos will pay room and board rates that are competitive with those on the main campus in Dallas. Existing SMU scholarships and financial aid apply to Taos tuition at a prorated amount. Students seeking further assistance can also apply for the Friends of Taos scholarship. Tuition, course fees, and room and board charges are payable to SMU Division of Enrollment Services, Bursar’s Office or online at my.SMU.edu. Cancellation and refund policies and dates can be found at smu.edu/taos.

Additional information can be obtained from:

Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750145
Dallas TX 75275-0145


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