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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Associate Professor Blake Hackler, Division Chair

Professors: Stanley Wojewodski, Jr., Steve Woods
Associate Professors: Benard Cummings, Blake Hackler, Russell Parkman, Sara Romersberger, Anne Schilling, Gretchen Smith
Assistant Professors: Tiana Johnson Blair, Tracy Christensen, Kristin Dana, Kara-Lynn Vaeni
Lecturer: Brad Cassil
Adjunct Lecturers: Dawn Askew, Jason Biggs, Linda Blase, Amanda Capshaw, Michael Federico, Justin Mosher, Melissa Panzarello, Steven Piechocki, Brandon Smith, Kathy Windrow
Production Manager: Dawn Askew
Costume Shop Manager: Melissa Panzarello
Costumer: Amanda Hendrickson
Property Supervisor: Rachel Seabaugh
Scene Shop Foreman: Steve Leary
Stage Lighting Supervisor: Steven Piechocki
Technical Director: Justin Mosher
Assistant Technical Director: Brandon Smith

General Information

Undergraduate education in the Division of Theatre reflects a commitment to the rigorous study of theatre within a liberal arts context. To this end, undergraduate theatre majors pursue coursework not only in theatre, but also in the social and natural sciences, literature, the arts and humanities, and other areas of human culture and experience. A faculty adviser works closely with each student to develop a program of study best suited to the individual’s needs and career goals. In addition, the Division of Theatre presents an annual season of public productions chosen for their timeliness, public appeal and suitability for training. Practical experience in all areas of theatre operation is considered a vital part of the educational program.

Instructional Facilities

The Division of Theatre is housed in the well-equipped facilities of the Meadows School of the Arts. These facilities include the Greer Garson Theatre (a 380-seat theatre with a classical thrust stage), the Bob Hope Theatre (a 400-seat proscenium theatre), the Margo Jones Theatre (a 125-seat “black box” theatre), the Hamon Arts Library and numerous rehearsal studios.


Theatre is a dual admit program: in addition to meeting University admission criteria, prospective theatre majors at SMU are admitted to the major by audition and interview. All prospective students prepare an audition, consisting of two contrasting monologues and a song. Candidates may also be asked to demonstrate improvisational skills. Students seeking admission into the B.F.A. in Theatre Studies program may also be asked to demonstrate ability in their particular area of interest by supplying writing samples, portfolio materials, etc. Admission to the major requires both admission to SMU and admission through the theatre audition process. Note: Admission procedures for applicants seeking to transfer from other schools are the same as those for first-year applicants. Transfer students may begin work only in the fall term.

Evaluation of Progress and Artistic Growth

Students must continually demonstrate a high order of talent and commitment in both class work and production work to progress in the curriculum. At the end of each term, the faculty of the Division of Theatre evaluates each student’s progress, examining all aspects of a student’s academic and production participation. Every student meets with the faculty to receive this evaluation. An unsatisfactory evaluation is accompanied by the reasons for this evaluation and the terms for continuation in the program. An unsatisfactory evaluation may also result in a student’s immediate dismissal from the program. Only Theatre courses passed with a grade of C- or better will count toward the major in Theatre. Students cast in mainstage faculty-directed productions are expected to enroll in the appropriate rehearsal and performance laboratory course.

Degrees and Programs of Study

The Division of Theatre offers the B.F.A. degree in theatre with an emphasis in theatre studies or an emphasis in acting.




    The following classes are open to all students: THEA 2311 , THEA 2319 , THEA 2321 , THEA 3381 THEA 3382 THEA 4381 , THEA 4382 , THEA 3383 , THEA 3384 , THEA 3385 , THEA 5319 . Note: There are no performance opportunities for nontheatre majors.

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