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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Biological Sciences

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Professor Richard Jones, Department Chair

Professors: Richard Jones, Pia Vogel
Associate Professors: Amy Brewster, Edward Glasscock (Director of Graduate Studies), Robert Harrod, John Wise
Assistant Professors: Adam Norris, Zhihao Wu
Lecturers: Bianca Batista, Alejandro d’Brot, Rachel Wright
Senior Lecturers: Carolyn Harrod, Eva Oberdörster
Research Associate Professor: Svetlana Radyuk

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements described under Dedman College: Admission  in the General Information  section of this catalog, an applicant’s preparation should include six credit hours of calculus or statistics, 16 credit hours of chemistry (including eight credit hours of organic chemistry) and at least four advanced courses in biology. The GRE graduate school admission test is optional. Three letters of recommendation from individuals who know the candidate well and can speak to the candidate’s ability for graduate study should be submitted before the candidate is admitted to the program.

Good Standing

A student must maintain a B average (3.000 on a 4.000 scale) and receive no more than two grades at or below the grade of C. Failure to meet these requirements will result in either probationary status or in dismissal from graduate study. Enrollment in graduate seminar is required of students each term during their first two years in residence. Courses in biochemistry and molecular biology are also required of most beginning students.

Requirements with respect to proficiency in a second language, computer programming and statistical methodology or in other cognate fields will be determined for each candidate by a departmental advisory committee.




      Biological Sciences


      Special Courses 
      Graduate Seminar BIOL 6120
      Concepts in the Biological Sciences BIOL 6114, BIOL 6214, BIOL 6314, BIOL 6414
      Research in the Biological Sciences BIOL 6170, BIOL 6270, BIOL 6370, BIOL 6371, BIOL 6372, BIOL 6373, BIOL 7000
      Thesis BIOL 6398, BIOL 6399
      Selected Topics in the Biological Sciences BIOL 7315, BIOL 7316
      Full-Time Status BIOL 6049, 8049
      Dissertation BIOL 8398, BIOL 8399, BIOL 8698, BIOL 8699, BIOL 8998, BIOL 8999


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